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          Brand introduction

                    NIVELCO PROCESS CONTROL COMPANY is one of the most rapidly developing, manufacturing and marketingprocess control companies in the world market. NIVELCO was founded in 1982 by Tamas Szollos the president of the company, continuing the traditions rooted in the familyventure established by Endre Szollos in 1939. Presently, theHungarian, private-owned Nivelco, resting on a secure financialbase, has emerged to join the ranks of medium-sized corporations, now employing 170 people worldwide. Nivelco’sinternational success is attributed to the technical innovationsincorporated in its internally developed and manufacturedproducts as well as its seeking the ultimate in quality;

          Brand characteristics

                  NIVELCO company, with the first class technology and product quality,can provide different conditions with all-round level measurement and control solutions, good after-sales service and strong technical support make NIVELCO company become the leader of level measurement.
          . High quality technology
          . The full range products
          . High quality after-sales service and technical support

          Product list
          • NIVELCO temperature transmitter Thermocouple, RTD temperature transmitter is a temperature transmitter unit on-site installation in the field instrumentation, and industrial thermocouples, thermal resistance, supporting the use of, which uses two-wire transmission (two wire power input and signalthe common transmission line output). Integrated Digital Temperature Transmitter has two display. LCD display of the temperature transmitter with two-wire output, LED display-wire temperature transmitter output.

          • NIVOSONAR open channel flow meter The NIVOSONAR GPA flow measurement system enables flow measurements on PARSHALL flumes, gravitational sewers, brook channels, irrigation channels or any other open channels. The measuring flume is easy to install in new or existing channel structures.

          • NIVELCO MULTICONTMULTICHANNEL PROCESS CONTROLLER The MULTICONT  is a universal interface between Nivelco's HART-capable intelligent level transmitters and other elements of the process control system like PC-s, PLC-s,displays and actuators.

          • NIVELCO EchoTREK LEVEL TRANSMITTERS FOR LIQUIDS EchoTREK ultrasonic transmitters offer the best in liquid level measurement in a compact simple package. Developed using the established SenSonic range of Narrow beam angle pulse echo transducers, EchoTREK units are available with measurement ranges up to 25 meters - with standard plastic, PTFE or stainless steel sensor faces.

          • NIVELCO D300 piezoresistive pressure transmitter NIVELCO D-300 piezoresistive pressure transmitter, stainless steel diaphragm housing, range -1 ~ to 1000bar optional display module. D --300 with piezoresistive sensor and stainless steeldiaphragm series also applies to dynamic pressure changes, we recommend the liquid tends to precipitate, crystallization of thesolidification of AMD, the absolute pressure measurement is the extent feasible, more than 0.1 bar, pressure transmitter can be used for - or 3 standard 4-wire system ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V DCoutput.

          • NIVELCO the D200 capacitive pressure transmitter NIVELCO D-200 capacitive pressure transmitter ceramicdiaphragm, stainless steel housing, can be measured gases, liquids and corrosive media, the range 0-600 bar, optional display module. D --200 series of ceramic capacitance sensor isapplicable to the normal or the measurement of corrosive media,such as gas, gas or liquid, but do not tend to precipitate, crystallization, or the recommendations of the stiffening material.

          • NIVELCO PH/ORP analyzer AnaCONT PH / ORP analyzer is divided into one and split the two types of graphical display with data logging capabilities. Output, including 4-20 mA, HART, relay output. IP protection class IP68,PH / ORP analyzers are mainly used in water, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, energy and other industries.

          • NIVELCO D-400 high temperature piezoresistive pressure transmitter NIVELCO D-400 high temperature piezoresistive pressuretransmitter, all stainless steel diaphragm and shell, the temperature of 300 degrees, range -1 ~ 600 bar, optional display module. D - 400 or ceramic piezoresistive wash the face behindthe diaphragm sensor series, is particularly suitable and pollutionof the liquid pressure (level) to the bottom of the measuring tanks,high-temperature version of the unit can be used for up to 150 ° C,pressure range of 0 .. more than 0.1 bar pressure measuring range up to 300 ° C, 40 bar absolute is possible.

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