Rise of the Orphans

While we sit at our homes ,clicking to choose our next virtual cause , something is happening on the fourth circle right here in Jordan Amman, just before the Prime Ministry of Jordan , Jordanian Youth who were not lucky in getting raised by or with a family , those who were called by some a mistake or a disgrace , some called them Forbidden sons, and some call them without many words criminals , stood up to ask for what has been taken away from them , something they deserve without bequest , something every respectable country provides its citizens with ” to be treated like Humans “.

Those Kids were raised in dorms of the Ministry of social development , translated from Arabic they call it Houses of Care , those houses were supposed to give the kids what was taken away from them by parent’s or community’s choice something we take for granted ” parents and a family”, yet we find out that those houses had more beasts in them than a wild desert , graduating kids who are incapable of continuing school nor work, some of them can’t read and write, and some of them choose to shelter in prison with a made up crime to find at least food.

It is the care homes law that Kids on their 18 birthday are kicked out of the dorm with no plans to get them through. All donations directed to them were gone to some of them and the rest were ignored for berocratic reasons and corruption – as said one of the orphans – and they never received the actual donations.

The RISE :

Five days ago after suffering many years generation after generation they have decided they had enough, after being ignored by the community and the system now they have nothing to loose , they stood up and declared their situation to the world , they put what they need on paper and decided never to leave until those demands are met , and guess what ? they are asking for shelter , yes , simple and sustainable shelter will give those kids a reason to go home , and a reason to move on with their lives.

They are not asking for constitutional amendments , or constitutional monarchy , or fair and clean elections , or amendments to 308 criminal law , or any other political agenda , they are only asking for a shelter which was given to them through the royal initiative of ( sakan kareem ) or a rent that some of those who read this article would spend a year worth of rent in one dinner.

They also have discrimination issues , did you know that most of them have a unique ID number? please watch 000 ID on youtube to understand http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4mh1AnUrSI ID 000

Today after sleeping for five days and four nights , they stopped his royal highness Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein and explained their situation and why they were there for many days, understanding the situation HRH asked from the Prime Minister to meet them and talk , then His Excellency Mr. Al Jazi came down to talk to them , along with his excellency Mr. AL Mufti who happened to know about their situation from old times when he served in the ministry of interior affairs.

They were promised to meet the PM tomorrow , they are brave young kids who love the country and love the king , and most of all they clean their mess everyday , the fourth circle breaths today with hope , when those brothers and sisters closed their eyes on the grass with hope of a better tomorrow based on the promises of the PM missionaries.

When you neglect your brother and sister ( and some call them Sons and daughters ) long enough until they go to the streets then it is clear that you have not done your Job quite well. We as citizens understand budgeting , and priorities and all the Bla Bla Bla governmental talk , but to know that everytime something comes to the surface to talk about the Orphan’s news of those Kids was put down with bribe and threatening them and the advocates indirectly is also a BIG fail.

Today was hope , let tomorrow be some action

Good luck brave brothers and sisters we all stand next to you.