Problems ,

I was listening to Tracy Chapmin’s song ” Bang Bang Bang” , something made stop for a moment , problems can be easily solved by elimination , it is not so hard to press the trigger, since we have been looking at the TV for so long , all we see is violence and killing, of course we do see love and Romance ” respectively speaking “. But when you see something weird or even something you usually refuse Over and Over again it becomes normal.
So solving any small problem becomes easy to those who do not know better.

Blurred vision

Once upon a time there was a man called Musta3ar , he had a personality to lease others, when a religious man talked to him , he claimed religious beliefs , when a war lord called him he became a patriot that was willing to sacrifice his life for the cause, when his musician friends sang to him , he knew how to sing , play an instrument and even had a favorite singer ,and so on .
He never lied , in fact he was in a search to find out practically who he was.
He made a choice that combined his shallow knowledge of everything , and of course how he was raised.
Nevertheless , he never understood him self quite clearly until he started facing things with the personality he chose to be.
His road is getting cleared , but it is so unclear , he is learning from scratch. He only perfects things he believes in.
He is fun to be with , but it is becoming very tiring to be around him.
Gazzazni , I want to get rid of him , but I don’t know how.
He is a good man, but claims knowledge of everything. He barely allows anybody to speak.
Musat3ar leave me please…