Racism ” shut the frog up” tale

It has been very common that people in our beloved country , take an extra pride of where they come from , rather than who they are, this kind of pride is very attached with the personality raised in our us as children , you will find parents say ” don’t be like them!!!” and find other parents say ” Look at him , be like them!!!” so its always joining a tribe to belong , whether that tribe hold the same last name or not.
Now as I lived in Amman , I found out that Racists do have things in common , they usually look good , ( being proud needs to be justified ) , and they usually love a bigger figure “The Prince ” who will come one day and give them a Kiss or a hand shake , or a scolding anything would do for them, such racists always have their eyes half closed (pride) , nose up almost all the time looking very proud with their, look powerful and scary ” but they are not” very fragile , always on their four on a leaf somewhere in the stinky water they have been living in, their actions have nothing to do with their looks , they always get you by surprise as they put their tong out to catch that fly, they build most of their personality on that superior Frogy feeling .
Who knows maybe the frog is as proud as they are, and maybe the frog will be kissed by the prince in the tale out of sympathy , but the frog will always stay a frog and the prince will always stay a prince, and you will always be surprised who the prince in the equation might be, for some frogs he/she is the CEO of the company or his wife, for others a wise man bullshit talking round the year doing nothing, for others a Parliament member, and the list goes on, even some Muslim scholars can be identified here as ” The Prince” , but always keep in mind the prince will always be a prince and the frog will keep on frogging until kissed , the frog will then know ” the frog will stay a frog , even after the prince’s kiss”. .
So that being said let me give you the Jordanian Tale called
” Shut the Frog up!!!”
“Once upon a time , in the middle eastern desert of sahara , where only the camels can walk on the silky sand and only Arabs can ride the way through the stars of bears , where to? to the land of rivers and water , a land that once was called heaven of Al Sham , was ruled by a just King who loved his people and lived his life trying to put food on the table , so charismatic people started dreaming meeting him just to tell him how much they love him and to let him in on a few secrets of the underworld , his son was a handsome young prince who was very bright and also loved by his people, but on the other side of the kingdom , were ugly beasts trying to overtake the Kingdom , they were so ugly people can recognize them whenever they see them, they entered into the Kingdom with huge mind laundering skim to shake the citizen’s trust in the King and his Son, they have succeeded to enter , but through only convincing little creatures called frogs , these creatures lived where the people go to drink and have a good time around the lakes and rivers, they where everywhere , they used their consistent frogging system broadcasting their thoughts inside the Kingdom , trying to divide the people of this wonderful Kingdom that has always been known with its unity, it started by praising the King and His son, adapting to what the people love, then they started to getting richer and gathering people around them even though they were frogs, but some weak hearted people thought ” Kiss the frog from his mouth until you get your share from the money” , what the people didn’t know that the frog was promised by the ugly creatures on the other side of the kingdom , that when they conquer the Kingdom , they will make the Charming prince Kiss them and turn them back into Humans .
Poor frogs believed that they were one day humans , and believed the creatures wanted to take over , and poor the people who are around them they will always stay poor.” The tale has stopped here.
Never has it occurred to us that Frogs will always stay frogs , don’t be fooled by that Golden shining star on their chests , or that golden ring , they are frogs and they are still telling us who is better than who , they are not uniting us , they are dividing us and we all know that dividing the people into parties is always bad, we are one country , and we are all Jordanians , no one is better than the other , we are either Good Citizens or we are Frogs followers.
The Jews are Uniting the world through their intelligent recruiting with a slogan ” unite the world” and they are using their Kabala Teachings for Uniting people around them and dividing us, they are doing worldwide congresses in the Untied States just for that purpose , let us not put our unity at stake here , we all are sitting ducks for them, never think you are superior , nor you are less than others , we are all equal and actions not origin differs people.
So whenever a frog speaks PLEASE ” Shut the Frog up”

The Dream

I have a word for some of the ones i love, a word that may never change their lives, but at least it would give them a glance of how I am making it through the days.
You may be locked in pretty walls, or you may be winning on every corner of your life, you got the smile, and you got the way, maybe you have the wisdom that gets you through the day, feathered wings that takes you in the speed of light to edges of the world just to find out what is happening there, more money than anyone could ever dream of, or maybe ethics that keep you self-contained, or people who love you as time clicks away.
But the Dream my friend to stand in a place that will keep you in people’s head , the Dream , that will not be accomplished by losing or winning the fancy stay in this life , the Dream , To help others to grant their brothers something to see beyond those filthy pretty walls and make belief signs , to tell that winning big fish in a bowl , there is a sea with endless streams , that beautiful singing bird in a cage there are skies that mean more than just endless air, are things that will keep you giving until you are dead, who knows maybe death will never end your prayers , and maybe Endings have bigger things to unveil, you don’t have to see all what you have made , for deeds can grow as times passes by , for a million lives can come and go on that same peas of ground, only when you have that Dream that might change people’s lives , that Dream will always keep you rhymed , that Dream can give you a hand before you cry.
So dream my friend because they say that as you close your eyes your soul flies into the skies to sing with the universe of God, we are all here for a reason and you are the one who can find out what your Dream should be.