Against it…

Well I have been hearing so much Idealisms about non-smoking , getting things done on time and how hard does it feel when we get people taking us for granted and all .
I am really against that all , I think that it is an attitude problem with those people complaining , it is very well understood that corrupted people are not the ones who have a problem because in their own world they are right and they know they are …
so in order to make them see the right thing we must communicate on a steady base of spreading awareness of something weather it is a kitchen installation contract or it was a none smoking area breached by some idiots. If we really mean well and we think we have to make a difference things we know can come like a hard rock on someone’s head , we need to chill out and bring it easy on them , and not be selfish in showing off that we know the right from wrong, Cuz to tell you the truth no body has the right to claim that in a shared community of different societies.

This I love

The use of our past has nearly come to an end when we allowed it to tress pass the effect that it was only thoughts.
Have we ever ruled our past , unfortunate events we had nothing to do with?
Our negative history builds blocks around and inside our hearts , preventing us from proceeding , sever cases made some of us act like a child in certain places as if they were brought back in time in that exact place, where a transformation of an adult happenes right in front of your eyes. It is weird , nothing to do but to stair.
I would assume since I AM NOT A PSYCHIATRIST , that such events in the past must be taken care of , in that matter methods can come to handy like starting forgiving ones self , since back then we acted as we know best , we must not judge ourselves , this is the best we could have done back then , all we need to start doing is forgive our selves at that point of time, we must go back , we can not change the past , but we can deal with it.
And if there is more to this than us being there , and there are others who did hurt us , or even stood there doing nothing we better forgive then as well , now starting the process will take a whole lot of power and energy , we might cry but I promise we will be relieved.
Go back look it up phase by phase and start forgiving , it will widen and the network will help us get back to where we are now with enhanced power to move on.
This is not a chain letter :) but do not ignore what it has because it was tried and it worked.