Far Away

Its time to wake up as they moan
if that doesn’t wake you , then
there is something in your head
And its hard to wake up in the night
Cuz yearn is here by my side

Its wrong to be them in the dark
you will know where yourself to find
Build a ladder to the sun and make it your Own

It’s time to make another wish
It is time to take another walk
Try to hurry they’re on that tide

We were KINGS

We were kings of our time
we had lots of hope inside
yet yeah we will come again
far away from home .
far away from home .
far away from home.

We were knights of the lands
we inherited this life ,
ups and downs were our stick
Even magic ran from our eyes,
We existed in they’re hearts
we made peace and war apart,
all to come back strong again
to this world
Far away from home
we will come back again
Far away from home .


Dear World ,( ARTH )

Have nothing to do with my life , I am sick of your intentions that never showed me but conspiracy and other bad faces whenever there are clients of yours. Leaving me alone with all the effects of your members will give you benefits starting that I will leave you alone , propaganding to the ignorant members that haven’t seen your real face that you are nothing but a garbage can for the members who revolute over your short termed rules and the ones who will never see your real face that I am the one who controls you, you are so pathetic when it comes to life itself , you show me nothing of the real stuff I need , it is only about what you can show , your promises all go down the drain as far As I am concerned you know why ??? because I have tried you so many times and trusted your ability to do stuff and it was only promises like a science fiction movie with high ability for imagination audience, the hero flies they think they can, the hero kills the bad in one butt shake , they go out thinking it is that easy well dear world it is not …
I will get this out of my chest to the members of this deceiving world, the World can give you nothing, it is numb, only a portrait drown by the creator , go back to the painter and ask for luck , do not be illuded by the charming colors of this world , only think of the painter to be able to see the paint brush , to be able to see the beautiful frame ask the painter ….
Are you awake yet????
ok , listen to this , the deceiving beauty of this world is based on the soil that is fed by your dead bodies.
The white clouds are not good , they mean there is no water .
The smooth winds only make you think clearly but in face it means no food.
The beautiful girls ? that is something that will be only shown to the ones who are trying to be part of the outer beauty of the deceiving world. They mean shallow.
Think about your own life , which part of it that really is ever lasting ?? Which part of your world will help you inside your head when you think about lights and guide lines , the easy Roads of the world take you down hill…
I have to vent this off my chest.


To know thy self

Well as old as this phrase may sound , but it is an essential thought to be able to proceed steps ahead without getting surprises about yourself that never were thought about before. Most spiritual guiders advise followers to know themselves before facing any kind of crowds who will eventually ask questions that might get personal and put you to the ground before you even know it.
Knowing ones self starts usually by recognizing the defaults that developed in our minds , due to beating here or there or a fall on the head or maybe some bad news from the TV, or maybe occupied territory of a land that you can never resolve , or maybe a couple of years with the worst boss in the world , or maybe the death of someone or something very close to you… Etc.
After that becomes the words of Wisdom of how to deal with these defaults , which eventually may be a full solution of mind shifting techniques or pepper by pepper technique , they both work .
Then comes the biggest start up of your life , some of us realize that moving forward comes first ,because it will be easier to get rid of the above mentioned dirt( mind defaults) others believe of purification of mind needs a time out of this life.
As we walk along this path everybody will increase their ability and knowledge regarding their red lines and green lines , ability to scream or stay calm , entertainment paths and seriousness , love what for who, are we fighters or not , how to increase power in certain places , and how to be weak in others, what is the exact cause of our living, and what is the price of our souls.
Be careful do not start too late , you might not have time to do all these things. But starting can be any minute now.
Conclusion , you must get into a fight to know how much punches can you take, an how much can you give.