subliminal warfare

I picked up this article from google as I was researching the subliminal messages we were exposed to just as few as they are , I think what we are facing is a much bigger and stronger effects messages like ” Stop fighting for your land” or ” YOU ARE WEEK ” or “DONT TRY” or “LOVIN IT” , I wonder why is it hard for so many of us to bycott some products the research has just begun and and it is taking me a while to find out the techniques of subliminal messages in Ads , music and videos let alone video games.

By Andrew Dobrow,
“Korean start-up company Xtive has developed an inaudible sound sequence which is said to ward off online game addiction. The details raise our creepiness flags though. The sounds are based on subliminal effects. The sounds repeatedly sequence to tell the player to stop playing, repeating about 10,000 to 20,000 times a second. Xtive says that the sounds go unnoticed by gamers, but are heard by a higher consciousness which is likely to lead to taking a break from playing. The plan seems to allow companies to use this after young users have been monitored for playing over an alotted amount of time. So, instead of having their mommies scream at them, the voices in their head lead the way.

This scares us for a few reasons. Number one, didn’t a few kids kill themselves because of weird subliminal messages in Ozzy Osbourne songs? Ok, the subliminal message might have been slightly different, such as “KILL YOURSELF!”, but aren’t subliminal fundamentally the same? Number two, how long will it take before advertising companies take it upon themselves to profit from this type of brainwashing?”


Believe it or not , if you go to Wikipedia to search FACTUALITY , you will find the page disputed , whcih means even when the source code of Factuality ” Fact means TRUTH ” Factulaity was disputed.
I was sitting after a very long day thinking what is missing in my heart, I have something which feels like an empty space inside my heart or to be logical in my chest , hunger for something , I figured it was hunger for pure facts nothing disputed , contested or counter-factual , I did find a problem reaching an answer after putting myself in other’s shows , others who think about facts as Material stuff , or other who consider Your bank account your only factual statements , or others who consider Family as such or others who consider nature as such or others who consider their leaders as facts , other who think of the light as such . When they do , how can that fact affect thier lives , how can it really make their lives full of it : truth , factuality , it is easy to dispute all that and say that they are not facts , even real light reflection can be disputed , some may dispute God him self . It is not what is factual or not it is how you think about it , and I really don’t take it lightly when looking for the fact , may it be from inside or from above , what I really know for fact is that Facts come from information and gathering apart the informative puzzles to get to some facts , yet even that is prespective. Five senses may allow us to collect info. but what will allow us to see Facts, who will help us , and why do from time to time as we live stop for a while looking for a fact that can make us go on, and when we find one we turn our lives 180 degrees, but that empty feeling in our chests deserves a time out thought to satisfy.


To work alone , is the most easy work you can ever do , when the information is one sided and you look at it as if it makes sense you will be surprised by the ones who read it to classify in words that you will never expect , this issue arouses as you make things in you life easier by simply getting restless and writing more words of any subject that you choose.
We are now getting into a new era in Jordan as people stopped believing in anything but action , for all the ones using words are being made fun of , we have live examples of both , funny we call the ones who take actions “actors” , when the we should start calling them leaders of the silent world , a world empty of NOs full of Noises , can be considered silent in mythologies of the human depth.
The only solution to prosper in this sense is to share information and Ideas with groups of people alike and non-alike , to get reactions of which we will decide how good the thought is, whilst the most improper agenda is to come explaining your thought already in mind that it is complete. Do Not Be Stupid.
After what happened to us in the middle east I am sure that every body thought of Ideas that will help in our mission to be stronger. Make social gatherings talk about them will manasef 3alai.

Power rule Number 1

It will cost the enemy 5JDs per day for each person to be colonized if we were illiterate or non-productive , or even non-blievers “in any thing” ( one who stands for nothing falls for anything) .
How much are you worth???

To Think , to progress , to develope and to prosper individually is the road to the whole mind of the creator , this is why were ordered to think , while we read , not to receive without thinking …( TV way of spreading information)….