Aramex campaign for Gaza

The spirit was high , friends , family and others were there just trying to do what they can do least for Gaza, pick a box grap a list , do not add anthing other than what is in the list , finish packing 12 boxes on a wooden plate they will come pick it up, the spirit was high , the cheer leaders were screaming energetically and the friendly atmosphere was everywhere , volunteers were happy laughing and socializing .
I saw a couple of bloggers there , they were not as I expected , I drew a picture in my head , well it seems that I don’t have that gift , but I was glad.
We went home and had dinner and for a while I was tricked by the fulfilling feeling of doing something and a bit reliefed , and I did not want to open the news hoping that what I did in Aramex and in some protests in the street would stop the war over our families in Gaza , maybe hearing that song of Michael heart would , maybe sharing my views on Gaza on facebook would , maybe fighting with an elder who thinks that our government can do nothing except what it is doing and convincing him otherwize would , maybe bycotting the Israeli , american and other Israeli supporting countries’ products’ would , maybe training ourselves for a combat “only training” would , maybe asking the Gov. to bring back the compulsory military training would, maybe blogging till death would , maybe hacking Israeli governmental sites would , and maybe would not make a difference . My point is , whether we are thinking straight or not the only solution will be for us to start trying and bypass the trasition state we are living in that vacumes our mind positited between our beliefs and the ability to take action, to stop postponding our will to take actions even when the war is over , we want a free palestine not a moderate state that lives next to Israel , all the negotiations and peace talk crap goes down the drain when we know that israel has all the cards. it is time to hold more cards in our hands . Thank you Israel for reminding us that our goal is for you to fade away by our force or otherwise. We can do anything we set our minds to , for me I trust Allah , Allah has never let me down, why would he now, if we do it right we can win even if took more than a one life time…