Well I guess the past one week or so I was trying to get to a certain action that would add on the Palestinian Endurance and make all of what happens in Gaza a one step closer to our Ummah Awakening , I failed .

The minute I woke up from my thoughts of Big Hopeful changes , I realized that people are fed up with slogans and logo’s ( my suggestions of an action) even though I still think as a start it would be good , but as I learnt the hard way , we can start on a better level , such thoughts were falling into the ( we have done that) category , Painfully I tried something else I still got shot in the face , well I think the thought of us doing something must start within ones self , but again that is a slogan. Or we should start from our families before going to the outside ( slogan) or change does not come easy we have to fight for it( Slogan) people wake up our sisters and brothers are getting hungry and dieing in GAZA ( slogan?) life is worth nothing without doing something that our grand children can be proud of and benefit from(SLOGAN) we must pray to Allah Do3a2 brothers and sisters( SLOGAN?!!) we have to change our selves in order for Allah to change us( SLOGAN have not be tried).

TAB what are we supposed to do , everything we say or do is categorized under some kind of a stereotype folded paper , and we keep on trying let go the laughs and sarcasm .

I had a dear friend who told me something that may be the answer , he asked me ( why GAZA?) and I said they were in need ( he said why not IRAQ?) I stopped talking to make him go on , and he simply asked me to think about the core problem , it is lack of knowledge , education , and laziness for both. Therefore the best way to start is awareness through teaching and getting taught , spreading the knowledge and understanding each other…

Keeping the above thoughts in mind ” where do we start?”

Gaza Is Under Seige

I know this is not news for everybody , I know Palestine has been colonized by a group of homeless people , I know the Arab world has been living deadly under the new world orders coming and going over our heads , I know that change and super powers are becoming so God Like in our heads we can’t even think about it. I know saying all this will label me in certain ways , and I know that even some will draw a picture for me in their heads and say when they see me ” U LOOK DIFFERENT” I know there are things that were put under the laws of Media to be dangerous and/or untouchable , I know that only Great Countries can handle a history changer and I know that it needs a mature society to accept any kind of change , I know that some of the things that were present in our lives since we were born are getting too irritating to hear about Like the above mentioned or too normal we don’t even bother about them anymore.

BUT , I will not stay quite anymore , we have people next to us just as close as our own relatives who are dieing of hunger , some of disease and some of vengeance , there is no law no food , no electricity , no fuel , even the essential necessities are not available , and I know if I think right they are my and your responsibility , and I know that anything I do will make a difference in this mute leaded world of dummies , I hope I am not being offensive to anyone , but I am only telling the truth , Do something for God’s Sake , you can sing , Paint a poster , write an article even scream for no reason , Silence will kill everyone including you…

We need not to worry anyhow , we are safe on both edges of the equation , whether we choose to sit at home do nothing , even the devil will not have any interest in us or we can choose otherwise where change and hope may come out of the ashes…

Abdullah the Man who will make a change

In the early hours  of the fifth of november the great surprising news of Obama’s victory was spread in the air of the globe to make all the clean hearted people jump on their feet , HOPEing that he will make a difference , at this point I am not expecting from him any kind of change towards our world only the fact that he is black and his biography gives us the relief that he will understand the mistakes the USA government did.

But again I am not worried , because at that exact moment i was jumping with joy along with the world for a totally different reason but for the same purpose, A son was delivered to this world we named Him Abdullah , ( that is why I am Abu Abdullah …) he drew the smiles in everybody’s hearts for the perfect timing of hope arrival in the whole worlds’ hearts, Yes that is a sign , yes he will be different and will change , I believe that he was never just in his mom’s belly , but he also was aware of the whole truth from Allah, and he was addressed as Abdullah from the begening of time , even before the world existed ,  and he will make a difference , he cried of course when he realized this world is not pretty , he had to use his lungs to breath ( that hurts) he had to really use his mouth to eat ( believe me when you are not use to it , that hurts) but as long as he got his essentials going steadly he will and  already chaged the lives of 8 people he effected them with kindness and love.

I was there in the delivery room breathing with my wife to get the child out to lead , it wasn’t easy , she had to go through all the labor problems and pain , she was kind enough to pray for me when she was in pain, ( or that what I think she did :). the Dr. was like a cheer leader , moving all around the room with energy giving orders to this and that , telling me to put the oxygen on my wife’s mouth then telling her to push , I was excited , then I started reminding her how to breath ( she forgot the classes of course) and it was amazing when the baby came out (to lead) , he cried and the sun was just out we were on the tenth floor so all amman was looking up to him , and the sun came out to salute him , it was magical , phenomenal I never felt like that in my life , I took a step back to realize that My son came to this life and the hope and change did actually arrive as a gift from allah.

you will never understand the feeling unless you try going with your wives in the labor room… IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE .

Abdullah will be famous in one and a half decade or so , so hold your breath for that charming man when he comes knocking on your door showing you the best road to take to fulfil your own selves… I can almost see it.

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