Which personality are you?

I Have come across many cute Personality tests which asks you ” which desperate house wives personality are you?” or ” which friends Personality are you/” My God they can really make the world easier by cutting down the personality options to a hand count number, this is really dangerous , these personality amused us on TV , knowing that we would  never want to be like them because of the cultural values and disciplined lives we Used to have, they nurtured our minds just like fiction movies give us that out of reality amusement after watching the movie , and sometimes go into movies that slightly touch reality so it becomes more amusing implying in the movie that it could happen , the thought never stopped there , as i see it was three phases of media  invasion , the first to Display , the Second to, emotionally admire, involve  and love the third was brain wash and imitation of those comedic characters.

Now I know why some long sighted scholars forbid TV and TV shows , now I understand why the actors on one side and the intellectual families in USA and Europe do not allow their children to watch TV and if they do it will be monitored to a level of an hour a day.

This again shows the power of the Media , we had displayed in Ramadan a charming Bedouin character called Nimer El Edwan , apparently people (youth) started dressing like him in funerals and weddings but the effect was not long as there was no other episode following the first part besides that show was also about stealing from the next village and expressing our darkest era of history in this country .

How can we fight back this huge unstoppable flow of media , when our media is not up to the level of entertainment as such of that in Hollywood and else where , for God’s sake our elders started  enjoying the news of singer and actors around the world , this is really dangerous , they say its  beautiful then it is  they say its cool then it is cool as well , we are getting programmed just like fiction movies of the 80s imagining the world of 2000 and beyond .

I am really getting worried about our youth for that matter will reach every house and pocket nowadays , they can broadcast moveis and TV shows on Mobiles , how can you control corruption when it is in the air and anyone can catch it and see it . I think the solution started in the opposite direction of media where we have  religious channels ,ones we need our kids to watch , and again we to control this because loads of Ideas might just break a rule in our kids’ mind.

We need to go back to other sources of information where our own head can draw and cognise the thoughts without disturbance of pre-judgements or stereotype brainwash effect from moveis or TV shows. If we are smart it is time to recall the old ways of reading , i think the Internet helped me a lot in going back to reading and writing like who i wanted to be, before i come here.

Finally i would like to express the power of un-effected individuals and unpoluted minds , not going to the 10% of brain usage theory , only going to the power we can get from getting our culture and history back inside our hearts , since the western media empty’s the the heart from the thoughts and meanings it used to have , it will be our turn to fill them again without stains or dirt this time , a carfully studied re-educational process.


Having a revolutionary article or thought will only be pre-maturely displayed if not followed by a time frame plan that will include all the little details of success pop-ups, ones that can give you motivation to continue  , i  have done so many things in the past where my trip or my path would be disturbed by my own self and my heart stops the desire of such goal , this only happened when my plan was not balanced or based on two schools of wisdom, the first is the teachings of patience with all the details that come along with it , the second it gratefulness to your own little successes no matter how small they can be or they are , this will give you the power and balance to walk on a thin line between two high edges, yet to have the crowds applaud will need you to show off after you finish , they will never learn from you how you did it unless they try it , again you will loose the positive energy outcome if your were previously paid for such an adventure.
Don’t brag about your success and keep  a low profile 

In a circus you will need a tall stick, tight pants , funny make up and a good salary to cross the thin rope balanced, yet you will only keep doing it until you get old and loose the thought . .

Consistency is most needed when your road( rope) is long , and you can feel (since you can’t turn back and look) that there are some people following you , you will have to stick by the basic rules of balance, these rules will only make it easier for the followers to imitate you, your extra skills are not needed only the simple moves. Crowds will only applaud for the first few metres , then you have to use your balance on your own to finish the road , the followers are still behind you , they motivate you “if you care for them ” to stick by the book ” how to cross a long rope without falling” and you will keep on going because two goals were merged the first is to reach the end or die trying the second is to deliver the method and the raw basic rules of the knowhow ,so that no one would fall no matter how high or low their IQ level is.

It shoudl start somewhere…

Every one of us has a parallel life that gives him emotional goodness towards his goals and purpose in life , such lives may be satisfied in Music , Speeches or books , where most powerful if all combined together , the motivation you get from others must be concentrated on the core thought that gives you the ability to speak , problems of the recent past had arose only for lack of Belief , Moreover , our high tech communities lost the sense of WORDS to get affected by any means of motivation , just like an athlete who works out believing he will loose , such things are normally understood in a long history of continuous defeats whether in real warfare or on grounds of economics and markets .

A lot of my friends were happy because of the final economical collapse of the USA , but it is like watching the Olympics opening ceremony where one takes torch from the other and we are still watching because we have nothing better to do.

I have started this believing that it takes only one cell of bravery to revolute on your own traditional and non-traditional thoughts in your heart , it takes one individual to start a new concept in a family , it take one group to start a change in the community and it takes one community to deliver a leader to this world holding thoughts of change , so it does start from a cell of bravery in ones’ heart.