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It turned out that I am a social media junky , and junkies are not to be trusted , you would think that I have over used social media , now that might be true , yet this post I will analyze myself for the greater good of all users and social activists .

Mistakes :
1. When you try hard to get bigger social media scores like klout and top100arabs rankings.
2. When you stop sharing to benefit others , and it becomes an addictive urge to get responses , likes , retweets , favorites , shared and commented on.
3. You don’t know when to stop scrolling down , and it just never ends, then u wait more to get new feeds.
4. When it becomes a competition between you and yourself , and maybe others [who is more influential ]
5. When you stay online staring at your screen for more than 20 min, this will get you no where and will start creating a lazy person , even lazy to turn the bloody page tab to another website.

Side effects:
1. You start mixing reality with dreams due to excess virtual inputs. Such inputs will confuse the mind with pictures and posts seen online of those on reality and in dreams. ( now that one is really messes up believe me )
2. You waste a lot of time …
3. You become a lonely creature , without your online friends you will be frustrated.
4. Thoughts other people write have a red carpet to your brain, no processing , no filtering just simple and direct thoughts. Most of them are from people who lack experience and are in position to tell you what to do or how to think, quite confusing.
5. You find it really hard to make eye contact again the way you used to , focused , relaxed and powerful.
6. You start loosing the ability to say a full described picture because you have tha 140 effect uploaded to your writing skills ( to some people that is a good thing)
7. You will be attached to it in a way , you will always want to check your social media notifications.

Results :
I became a social media junky…

Action plan :
Delete the social media icons from your mobile and office. And make it a one hour daily thing if you have to.

One thought on “Social media

  1. بارك الله فيك.
    تشخيص ممتاز.
    أنا مصاب بنفس المرض و معظم الأعراض. التأثير السلبي على انتاجيتي و نجاحي في الحياة مهول.

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