Why People hate lawyers

I have always wondered , when I am introduced to people , the first impression swings between fear and hate , and after a while they get to know me more because of my friendlyness then these strong feelings turn to respect or a long trusted friendship , that didn’t stop me from thinking about why hate and fear emerge at the beginning of each encounter.

I found those reasons to be more logical only in the Arab World and especially in Jordan.

1- The lawyer is always careful of what he says , because he/she knows the consequences of words as they are in his/her head defined and are accountable for.

2- People always think that lawyers know it all. therefore they are not comfortable bragging infornt of lawyers.

3- Some lawyers have always used people’s ignorance in laws and regulations and made them loose , disclaim or release their rights.

4- When lawyers get together they make eye contacts and laugh in a way that people are not comfortable with. this is because lawyers find it amusing since they know what the law says in every regard ,no matter how small the detail is.

5- Lawyers are usually filthy rich , when they are in there 50s. this brings a feeling to the people that this fortune was made out of people’s miseries or through forcing them to pay. ( which is sometimes true) .

6- most lawyers smoke. and even if they do not smoke , they are OK with it. الا من رحم ربي

7- Lawyers are scary with their social skills , they can make all clients feel that they are number one in their lives, if you watch a lawyer closely for an hour , you will see him making many phone calls with the same amount of care and love that you will eventually think they seem to lie about their feelings.

8- Young active lawyers do not have a nice kind look in their eyes , they look at clients with one objective ” how I can translate that to money?”

9- Bad experiences with bad lawyers spread around like fire , like not returning phone calls after the first payment is done, or loosing the case without informing their clients , or not following up with clients so they feel totally lost.

10- Lawyers have high invetigational skills , they know how to follow the truth and they know when you are saying a lie and when you are telling the truth , we need to remember that this is how they are distinguished.

11- Usually lawyers need a distraction from the above stereotyping so they turn to politics or sports and some rare times to music , or a very close relationship with family and friends. All lawyers have a get away.

12- Lawyers do have a very long plan for everything , they are patient and they can plan something for a couple of years in order to get a client or find a neesh in the market.

13- All businesses interact at a lawfirm , so they become good business men with time, they introduce businessmen to each other , and clients the same. They of course get paid for that.

It is really funny when you read this from a lawyer.

Money will come …

I believe what makes a difference is the intentions of a lawyer ,

TO believe in justice , not in making money yet money will come.

TO believe in spreading the knowledge of laws , not selling them . and money will come.

TO believe in protecting people from misunderstanding each other through drafting the contracts properly and in details.

I believe That lawyers are wise and should be there not to pick up fights ( law suits ) but resolve them.

TO believe that what lawyers are providing is a service , therefore people come to take this service without being influenced by lawyers , ya3ni the most dangerous question you can ask a lawyer is:

” what do you thin I should do?”

Where the right question should be :

” what options do I have ?”

And there is a huge difference between both.

Just a thought.

2 thoughts on “Why People hate lawyers

  1. I agree that the mission of a lawyer is not profiting by conflicts , but by resolving these conflicts . To act in honor by all means . And yes money will come , but most important will stay .

  2. May I ask, why is it that the question “What do you think I should do?” is a bad idea?

    I, personally, never dealt with a lawyer before (either socially or formally). But I don’t have that apprehension towards lawyers. Being a lawyer is something I have considered, for the simple reason that I like arguing. I find the idea of arguing the case for a client and making up good arguments really appealing.

    There is an old joke, that is one of my all time favorites that illustrates that point it goes:

    A lawyer jumps out of his chair exclaiming: “My client is innocent, my client is innocent!!”… The judge awkwardly looks at him and asks: “How do you claim that your client is innocent when he just has admitted a murder and robbing a bank?!”… The lawyer argues: “So are you going to question me and take the words of a murdering thief?!”


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