Knowing is wrong.

I have been using social media for a while , and listening to people around me , the way they interact with what is happening around us, it was very clear how everybody has an already installed file in their brain regarding everything. They judge using their previous knowledge, making change or new stuff impossible or weird , one needs to scratch reality resulting a disturbing noise or change to make them see the new thing or a different point of view than what they have in their mind , like slapping someone’s face when they panic.

Some are talking about religion , some talking about life itself ,some converted their religion , some rebelled on their own thoughts , others rebelled on other people’s thoughts, people are starting to talk , nations are rising and nations are falling , it rains in May and sweats in Dec. this life is becoming unpredictable , the only thing we count on as humans are the time breakers which are the timely managed seasons , well they are changing , it is becoming more crazy.

I guess it will be stupid to claim knowledge now , because so much is changing and we are still the same.

When Stereotyping was considered wrong in the stable world , SURELY it is wrong in the changing world. I once read how the Chinese learn , they have a famous phrase before they start teaching : Forget what you know , to receive what we teach”.

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One thought on “Knowing is wrong.

  1. The perspectives have changed, there are no standards and it keeps getting lower by the day, but it remains big eats small…

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