#AmmanTT Anniversary Edition

The time is approaching and a team of more than ten people is working round the clock , to get this event as perfect as the community deserve. Here we are two weeks and approaching this magnificent event , a lot of surprises , speakers , exhibitors , startups , prizes and more.
Being a part of the founding team of #Ammantt gave me the chance to see what a great tech community we have in Jordan and region , innovators , inventors, developers , skilled speakers , breakthroughs , who shared our goal in sharing the information for a more advanced community work and level.
This event will take place at Zara-expo , where 50 exhibitors will be allocated around the hall , competing for a prize that is yet to be disclosed , building a (3X3) booth to make it look dashing and interesting, the good thing is that #AmmanTT is giving this for free, sponsors that #AmmanTT brought to the event will take care of the booth’s cost without intruding it with the usual ” I am everywhere ” commercial attitude.
The team will be there to assist you around the hall , contacts will be made , prizes for visitors , and a surprise guest that will knock you out.
#AmmanTT is for everyone , our meetings are open for all , we are a non-profit limited liability entity , registered under the new laws. All we hope to do is give the tech community a better chance to communicate and grow.
Be there , meet the Tech community 3rd of May all day long. Zara Expo.
Viva Amman Tech Tuesdays

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