Lawyer , Lawyers ( no legal terminology involved)

Suddenly i feel stereotyped, through my profession.

In English language a Lawyer : one who knows the law
In Arabic Mohami : one who defends his clients.

Meetings that do involve lawyers do usually mean new deals, following up on a case , speaking on behalf of a client , negotiating with passion ( hold that thought) on behalf of a client , settling a dispute and believe it or not sometimes it is family disputes ( just because you are a lawyer), with God’s will it works out for me, every time I try to settle a dispute ( family based) .
This is the good side or the client’s perspective, now on the other side of the equation, but there is the counter party, who is sometime a lawyer ( easy and straight forward negotiations , cutting an edge sharp cake – do this I do this , do that I do this , stay Idle I take you to court make it hard on your clients to handle me- of course this needs aggression , and it is understandable between lawyers), this daily life develops a jean , or a software inside the lawyers head , to manouver with words , ability to understand which tactic to use under pressure , how to look nice , act nice , be smart , quick , and most of all how to win.
what a beautiful portrait for lawyers.

That day , i went to a person who I had to negotiate something with him on behalf of a client , and I was surprised that he refused to talk , or even move his lips , only shook his head while I was talking , and when I asked him what he thinks his lips made an upside arch shape, I smiled , and dug more , pretended that he has all the rights in the world and that I am bluffing , yet nothing happened , shook him in so many ways I almost heard him singing
” your lips move , but I can’t hear what your saying , you are coming to me in waves , your ships fall of the horizon , I I I I I I I have become comfortably numb…etc”.
I made a joke , nothing
I got angry , nothing
I stayed quite , nothing
I said ” you know what , I will not drink your coffee” , zay teeXX
Ya zalameh talk to me , nothing
aboos eydak , say something. Nothing
yehdeek yerdeek , abadan nothing

I stood up , walked out of the room , he stood up , smiling but his eyes were filled with words , then I told him that my father says hi , ” he knows who you are “, blah blah blah , he smiled… I took a moment there , and started talking to him about his life ( i did my homework ) and then after almost an hour of me constantly talking he said ” Mmm” lagatto , I went back and sat next to him , talked more about his youth days, and the smile was becoming contagious , his eyes relaxed , his forehead planed , and then he said:
” you know 3ammo , my lawyer told me not to say a word , but screw him , you are a nice guy” and we talked for another hour , one of the things he said ” whenever there is a lawyer involved , things get uglier , and we get trapped with our own words , ”
he also said ” we hardly see a lawyer who goes out of his way to make a settlement ” he expressed ” I usually do not trust lawyers” he said ” is this beard Nasib?” then we ended up making a paper that settles the dispute and everybody went home happy.

What a meeting ha?
Because of the skills that will naturally develop in a (OK IQ) lawyer, and because lawyers are moving around fighting for others not for themselves , somehow this is not acceptable in our community , people really do not understand nor trust the concept of the “power of attorney” in our country- only outside the court- we as lawyers have two battles to fight in each confrontation , the first is to break the extra layer of COKE ice between them and counter parties , the second is the main subject they were hired to negotiate.

In fact , Lawyers are supposed to be the ellite class of the community , in Europe , any lawyer can authenticate or Identify a person who is unknown to the authorities , a lawyer has the Notary public authorities ,a lawyer is equivelant to the Judge. (lawyers are trusted )

But as everything is descending in our community so are lawyers , therefore , I am calling for a movement between lawyers to change the face of their services to clients.

If a civil entity was established , to rate the firms and the lawyers , this will help lawyers improve their services, this way we can diffrentiate between good lawyers and otherwise , at least this will save lawyers half of their retained time by iliminaiting the trust issue.
Also the type of services provided to clients should make them more exposed to their legal status , cases and or any special situation.

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